00:00:06Introduction to Muscleware
00:02:33Event Deliverables
00:06:40Athlete Check-In Sheets
00:11:18Introduction to Muscleware Statistician Software
00:13:12Editing Registrations (Changing Athlete Classes)
00:14:04Adding Walk-Ups
00:17:23Adding Registrations (Adding Classes for Athletes)
00:18:40Removing Registrations and/or Athletes
00:21:34Editing Event Classes (Splitting / Combining Classes)
00:28:33Software/Event Settings
00:45:02Create Prejudging Documents
00:48:13Competitor List & Schedule
00:49:54Judge's Scorecards
00:51:17Crossover (Conflict) Report
00:53:25Expeditor Sheet
00:59:27Scoring Prejudging
01:05:03Handling "No Shows"
01:08:03Breaking Ties
01:12:01Creating Finals Documents
01:13:18Overall Judge's Scorecards
01:14:10Head Judge's Report
01:15:20MC Sheet
01:20:42Scoring Finals
01:25:10"One-Show" (aka "COVID") Show Format
01:30:18Post-Show Tasks