Last updated: 2021-10-14


Welcome to the Muscleware Ticket Staff Web App!

This web application has been created to provide ticket staff a user-friendly tool to scan QR codes, look up ticket holders, view the status of the tickets, and, if available, issue the tickets (wristbands, stamps, etc.) to the ticket holders.

It is very intuitive and easy to use, and you can use it right from your own mobile phone or tablet!


The Muscleware Ticket Staff Web App is internet-based, which means it requires a cellular data plan or available Wi-Fi connection. We recommend using Wi-Fi if it's available, simply to avoid data usage on your cell plan.

Muscleware accepts no responsibility for connection fees or overage charges resulting from the use of this application.

Logging In

The Promoter of the event will supply you with the two things you'll need to log in:

URL A web URL that looks like this:
Access Code A numeric PIN number that grants you access to the event data

Opening the URL on your mobile phone or tablet will take you to the Log In screen, where you'll use the Access Code to Log In:

QR Code Scanning

Once logged in, you will be taken immediately to the "Search" page.

Here, you can use the QR Code Scanner to scan Ticket Holder's confirmation. Alternatively see Section 4 below to manually search for a Ticket Purchase, if the Ticket Holder doesn't not present a Ticket Confirmation with a QR Code to Scan.


To use the QR Code Scanner, have the Ticket Holder present their Ticket Confirmation to you, either by displaying a copy printed on paper, or by their mobile phone screen. Click "Scan", and use your mobile phone camera to scan the QR Code.

QR Codes are square-shaped "bar codes". They contain encrypted information that the Muscleware Ticket Staff Web App can read, and automatically find the ticket purchase/transaction for you, saving you from having to search by Name or Receipt Number.

Below is an example of what a QR Code looks like:


Your device's web browser (Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Samsung/Android) may ask you to allow to use the camera of your device. To avoid having to constantly accept this permission request each time you click "Scan", perform the steps below to "Always Allow" to use your phone's camera (you can turn this off after the event as well!).

(Important: The screenshots below are from an iPhone - instructions for allowing Android devices to "Always Allow" use of the camera are below as well!)

On the iPhone, at the upper left of the Safari window, click the "AA" icon, and then "Website Settings":

Under "Allow to Access", Click "Camera", then Click "Allow", then "Done".

On Android devices, perform the following:

  • Open the Chrome app
  • To the right of the address bar, tap More ("...") and then "Settings"
  • Tap "Site Settings"
  • Tap "Camera"
  • Tap to turn the camera ON


After scanning a QR Code, you will be taken directly to the Search Results page. Read Section 4 below for next steps!

Ticket Purchase Search

If the Ticket Holder doesn't have their ticket confirmation with them, you can manually search for a Ticket Purchase by any portion or combination of First Name, Last Name and/or Receipt Number of the Ticket Holder.

As an example, searching for Last Name = "Smith" (in demo event used for these screenshots), produces the following result:


All names, telephone numbers and receipt numbers appearing in screenshots in this document do not represent real people. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

As you can see, it appears "Jane Smith" has "TICKETS AVAILABLE" to be picked up!

Specifically, she has purchased 1 "Prejudging" ticket and 2 "Finals" tickets.

Since Jane is picking up the tickets, click "PICK UP NOW", and you will be prompted with a confirmation:

Confirm Pickup

After handing Jane the appropriate tickets (or wristbands / stamps / etc.), click "CONFIRM" to confirm the tickets have been picked up.

The status will change to "PICKED UP":

At this point, any subsequent searches by any ticket staff members will show that these tickets have been picked up.

Click "SEARCH AGAIN" to perform another search!

Additional Notes

Be sure to review the search results carefully before dispensing tickets. Two people may have the same name, for instance.

If there is ambiguity with names, or you are not clear which transaction contains the tickets that the ticket holder is entitled to, ask the ticket holder to present a copy of their purchase confirmation email. In it, the "RECEIPT #" can be compared with the "RECEIPT #" underneath the Name in the search results to ensure you're dealing with the correct transaction.

Additionally, clicking the "MORE INFO" button on a search result will expose additional details about the transaction, such as the date and time the purchase was made, the purchase total amount, and the phone number of the purchaser.


Searches will show multiple results for the same person if the tickets were purchased in separate transactions.

When this occurs, simply click "PICK UP NOW" for each result, dispensing the appropriate tickets each time to ensure they receive all of their tickets!

A word of caution for Events using PayPal

Muscleware uses the payment gateway provider (such as PayPal, Stripe, Square Payments or FirstData/Payeezy) selected by the Promoter to process online payments.

Though rare, and seemingly with PayPal only, it is possible that there may be a delay between when the purchase is completed/paid, and when PayPal updates the transaction status in the Muscleware database.

If someone purchases ticket(s) via the Promoter's website at the venue on show day, and after 2 or 3 minutes you still can't find them in the search results using the "RECEIPT #", a PayPal delay may be the cause.

If they can produce an official email payment confirmation from PayPal showing they have successfully completed their purchase, ask the Promoter to check their PayPal account to confirm they have received the payment. If so, proceed with dispensing the appropriate tickets, and let us know about it!

Help + Support

Thank you for using Muscleware!

If you have additional questions that were not answered in this documentation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are constantly developing new modules and optimizing existing features. If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback or thoughts, please let us know!