Introduction Last updated: 2021-10-14

Live Notifications App

The Muscleware Live Notifications App is a show-day communications tool ideal for immediately notifying Athletes of schedule updates, special announcements, and any other messages Promoters want to get out to the Athletes (or even the Spectators, for that matter!).

Contests are listed in the App 2 weeks prior to the Contest, and remain in the App until the day after the Contest.

Promoters announce the availability of the App via their Social Media channels. This lets Athletes know that the Contest is using the App, and that they can receive Contest notifications if they download the App (in either the Apple App Store - for iPhone users, or the Google Play Store - for Samsung/Android users) and "Subscribe" to the Contest.


To enable the Muscleware Live Notifications App for your event, contact us!

1. Administrator Link (Used by Promoters / Event Staff to Send Notifications)

Promoters have secure access to the "Back end" of the App, as they - or their trusted delegate(s) - need to be able to securely compose and send notification messages.

To access the "Administrator" side of the Muscleware Athlete Live Notifications Mobile App, open a web browser from your phone (for instance, Safari for iPhone users, Chrome for Samsung/Android users). Browse to the following URL, and log in with your Muscleware Account (the same account you log in to the Muscleware Promoter's Portal with!)


If you require Muscleware Account(s) for staff members who you are putting in charge of composing/sending the show-day notifications, contact us. Muscleware Accounts can be created that are restricted to *only* Administration of Notifications, without having access to your Portal, financial data, etc.

Once logged in, there are 2 "Pages" available: "Send Notification" and "View Notifications":

Send Notification
The "Send Notification" page provides an area to type a message, a selector to choose the event the message should be sent out for, and a "Send Notification" button.

Each Notification is limited to 250 characters.

View Notifications
The "View Notifications" page provides Notification Administrators with the same view as the "Notifications" page of the Athlete app.

This page lists all notifications in reverse chronological order (the newest at the top), providing Administrators with a method of reviewing all previous notifications.

2. Free Athlete App (Used by Athletes / Spectators to Receive Notifications)

Athletes may download the free app on their mobile device by visiting the Apple App Store (for iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (for Samsung/Android users), and searching for "Muscleware".

When Notifications are sent out by Promoters, all subscriber phones will vibrate, "ding", and screens will turn on to indicate that a new notification has been received!


Typically Promoters will use the Athlete's meeting as a final opportunity to advise Athletes to download/install the App and Subscribe to their Contest. This way, Athletes are all set to receive notifications on show day. However, Promoters are welcome to use and announce availability of the App any time during the 2 weeks before the show as well!

The following graphic resources are also available for Promoter use:

Muscleware Athlete Live Notifications App (Feed Post Size)

Muscleware Athlete Live Notifications App (Story Post Size)

It is very unlikely that Promoters will need to provide any instruction to Athletes on the use of the App; it is extremely intuitive and simple, and all usage information/directions are available within the App. However, just for good measure:

There are 3 "Pages" in the App: "Active Contests", "Notifications" and "Information":

Active Contests
The "Active Contests" page displays a list of currently active events. As mentioned, contests will appear in this list a few days prior to the event, and remain until the day after.

Athletes may "Subscribe" to the Contest(s) they are interested in receiving notifications for. To "Subscribe" to a contest, Athletes simply tap the "Tap to Subscribe" button next to the contest they wish to "Subscribe" to. Once "Subscribed", they will begin receiving all notifications for the event sent out by event staff.

The "Notifications" page is an archive of all notifications that have been sent out by the staff of the Contest(s) they Athletes have "Subscribed" to.

Notifications are listed in reverse-chronological order (with the most recent notifications at the top).

The "Information" page provides all instructions and usage information. There is even a test notification button the Athletes can use to ensure they've granted sufficient permissions to the App on their device to receive notifications properly.