The web-based portions of the Muscleware system include several modules, including Athlete Registrations, Ticket Sales, Sponsorship Applications (including the Sponsor Email Advertising Offering), International Athlete Invitations, NPC Worldwide Competitor Certificates, and of course the Muscleware Promoter's Portal.

For the modules that accept payments online (Athlete Registrations & Ticket Sales), funds are deposited directly into Promoter accounts. Muscleware does not collect payments; the system simply facilitates payments into promoter accounts and records all transaction details for the purposes of providing the documents, reports and software tools of Muscleware.

Muscleware currently supports four major payment systems (offering five options including the Manual/External solution). In addition to providing credit card processing, many of these industry-standard, trusted platforms enable even more payment options via internal configuration.

In order for Muscleware to use your PayPal account for payment processing, all you need to provide is your PayPal account email address (the email address you use to log in to PayPal). PayPal allows third party software systems, such as Muscleware, to integrate PayPal functionality using nothing more than the email address of the PayPal account.

With PayPal, you can accept payments from Athletes and Ticket Purchasers in various forms, including Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and their own PayPal account balances.

Important: The following information applies to those who have modified advanced PayPal account settings

Muscleware uses PayPal's IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system to receive information about the status of payments. If you have modified the advanced settings of your PayPal account and explicitly set an IPN URL (at the direction of another service or eCommerce system, perhaps) Muscleware *may*  be unable to receive these payment status notifications.

Further, there is a very important reality to clarify about "hard-coding" PayPal IPN URLs; Service providers and eCommerce systems that require you to change this setting in your PayPal account are receiving data about ALL of your PayPal transactions - not just the transactions initiated by them.

Muscleware doesn't do this. We specify an IPN URL within the transaction object itself, specific to the transaction. This means the reporting back to Muscleware only applies to the transaction(s) initiated by Muscleware. In other words, we only capture payment status data related to transactions we create on behalf of Athletes and/or Ticket Purchasers of your event.

If you have explicitly shut-off PayPal IPN for your account, or "Hard-coded" an IPN URL for another service, please contact us to push through a few test transactions prior to going live with your event. This way, we can ensure that we are receiving the expected transaction update notifications from PayPal.

How to Issue Refunds to Athletes/Ticket Holders

Note: You do not need to notify Muscleware of refunds; PayPal will update the Muscleware database automatically.

The only exception to this would be partial refunds, for instance, where an Athlete has registered for more than one class in a single transaction, and is requesting to be refunded for some, but not all, of those classes. In this case, please keep a log of your refunds. Send your log to Muscleware when we close online registrations so we can update the database prior to generating all of your documents.

Blocking "eChecks"

PayPal provides the ability for buyers to pay with "eChecks" - meaning that these funds are loaded from their personal bank accounts. Often, there are lengthy delays for the money to appear in your PayPal account (as many as 6-8 business days!). Within Muscleware, these transactions are marked as "Pending" until they properly clear into your account, at which time they are finally marked as "Completed". This PayPal feature can be frustrating for promoters, especially as the date of the show approaches.

Thankfully, you can block "eCheck payments" in your PayPal settings. This will ensure clients only pay via 'immediate' credit card or PayPal account fund transactions.

How to Disable "eChecks"
  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click on the "Gear"/Settings icon
  • Click "Account Settings"
  • Click "Payment Preferences"
  • Beside "Block Payments", click "Update"
  • Under "Block the following payments", ensure the "Pay with eCheck transfer for all website payments except eBay" is checked ON

In order for Muscleware to use your Square Payments account for payment processing, Muscleware needs to be configured as an "Application" in your Square Account:

Step 1: Set up Square Payments API Access
  • Browse to
  • Click "Developer Dashboard"
  • Log in to Square
  • Click "New Application"
  • Set Application Name "Muscleware"
  • Click "Create Application"
  • At the top, ensure that "Production" is selected (not "Sandbox")
  • Under "API Version", Ensure the version is "2020-01-22". If not:
    • Click "Change Version"
    • Set API Version to "2020-01-22"

      Note: There are newer "versions" of the Square API available. These version numbers are also release dates, and Square adds features to this framework frequently - sometimes every other week!

      Muscleware only needs to use very basic functionality in terms of the integration. Version "2020-01-22" was current at the time of the initial Square integration development, and remains more than sufficient for our purposes. We will update this documentation and notify Promoters using Square if any new features or functionality necessitate an integration update on our side.

    • Click "Confirm"
    • Click "Save"

Step 2: Information to Send to Muscleware
  • "Production Access Token"
    • Within "Production Access Token", click "Show"
  • "Location ID"
    • In the left sidebar, click "Locations"
    • "Location ID"

Additional Notes

Square accounts can only utilize one currency. This is a limitation of Square. If you need to accept multiple currencies (for instance, for shows in different countries), you will need to create a Square account for each currency (an account for each of USD, CAD, EUR, etc.).

How to Issue Refunds to Athletes/Ticket Holders

Note: If you issue refunds via Square Payments, you must set the transaction(s) to "REFUNDED" in the Muscleware Promoter's Portal.

To do so, simply find the transaction(s) in the "Registrations" or "Tickets" tab of the Portal and click the    (Set as Refunded) button.

To use your Stripe account for payment processing, Muscleware needs two "API Keys" from your Stripe dashboard:
  • Log in to your Stripe dashboard:
  • Ensure "View test data" is switched OFF in the left side menu
  • Click "Developers", and then click "API keys"
  • Under "Standard keys", Muscleware needs both the "Publishable key" and the "Secret key"
Note: Stripe will only display the full "Secret key" one time, for security reasons. If necessary, additional "Secret key" values can be generated by clicking "Create secret key".

How to Issue Refunds to Athletes/Ticket Holders

Please Note: If you issue refunds via Stripe, you must set the transaction(s) to "REFUNDED" in the Muscleware Promoter's Portal.

To do so, simply find the transaction(s) in the "Registrations" or "Tickets" tab of the Portal and click the    (Set as Refunded) button.

To use your FirstData / Payeezy account for payment processing, a Payment Page needs to be created:
  • Browse to
  • Log in to Payeezy
  • In the top menu, click "Payment Pages"
  • Click "Create a New Payment Page"
  • Once created, Payeezy will display the "Payment Page ID" at the top of the settings page, next to "New Payment Page:". (This is one of the things we need!)

    • The "General" section
      • Give your Payment Page a Title, such as your company or event name
      • The "Return to Your Site" URL can be the address to your event website. This is used if the customer cancels prior to making payment
      • If you wish, enter an email address in the "Notification Email" area to receive copies of the confirmations that Payeezy sends to customers (not required)

    • The "Customize Form" section (optional settings)
      • Drag "Cardholder Name", "Credit Card Number", "Address", "City", "Country" and "Security Code" into the white area. Arrange them as desired. If these fields are present, this data will be captured and stored in the Muscleware database to be auto-filled on Athlete Check-in sheets

    • The "Security" section
      • Ensure "Encryption Type" is set to "HMAC-SHA1"
      • "Transaction Key" is the other value we need

  • Click "Create" at the bottom of the page
  • Send the "Payment Page ID" (found at the top of the Payment Page settings) and the "Transaction Key" (found in the "Security" settings of the Payment Page) to Muscleware

How to Issue Refunds to Athletes/Ticket Holders
To issue a refund, log in to Payeezy and click the "Transactions" tab. Find the transaction you wish to refund with the search tools provided. Once found, click the transaction, and under "Actions", click "Refund".

Please Note: If you issue refunds via Payeezy, you must set the transaction(s) to "REFUNDED" in the Muscleware Promoter's Portal.

To do so, simply find the transaction(s) in the "Registrations" or "Tickets" tab of the Portal and click the    (Set as Refunded) button.

In addition to the "automated" payment processing offered by the robust payment provider integrations, Muscleware recognizes that some Promoters still need / wish accept "External" forms of payment (outside of Muscleware), such as eTransfers (a Canadian way to send money via email), cash, checks, etc.

To provide a facility to accept payments of *any* type, Muscleware offers the "External Payments" option. With "External Payments" enabled, Promoters may accept payment however they wish, with the the caveat that the payment occurs outside of what Muscleware can track. In other words, automatic payment verification / cross-referencing / confirmation is not possible.

This doesn't change the Athlete or Ticket Purchaser's experience drastically; Rather than being forwarded to PayPal, Square, Stripe or Payeezy to make payment after filling out the registration / ticket purchase form, the Athlete / Ticket Purchaser is presented with a total price and payment instructions. (The instructions are provided to Muscleware by the Promoter ahead of time).

When Athletes/Ticket Purchasers complete payment per the instructions, Promoters need to confirm receipt of payment by logging in to the Muscleware Promoter's Portal and clicking a checkbox beside the given transaction (this is the "Manual" process). Once checked, Muscleware knows that the transaction has been paid, and the Athlete/Ticket Purchaser is sent their confirmation email (the same confirmation email they would otherwise receive automatically when PayPal/Square/Stripe/Payeezy/etc. processes the payment).

Note: The "External Payments" option can be used alone, or in addition to a payment provider. If both are used, The Athlete / Ticket Purchaser may decide whether to use the payment provider or the "External" options made available by the Promoter.


To enable "External Payments", simply advise Muscleware and provide the instructions to present to the Athlete / Ticket Purchaser.

Note: If you issue refunds via "External" payment types, you must set the transaction(s) to "REFUNDED" in the Muscleware Promoter's Portal.

To do so, simply find the transaction(s) in the "Registrations" or "Tickets" tab of the Portal and click the    (Set as Refunded) button.

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