The Fedel Clarke Classic is a premier IFBB Pro League sanctioned show under the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) that will be hosted on March 21th 2020 by promoter IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke and Kaila Wright.

This show marks both the first show in CPA history (in 2018) and will be celebrating the third year anniversary of the CPA as well as the new addition of the Wellness division. This amazing show is open to competitors of all categories Nation-wide and has the reputation of being a high caliber show giving all athletes the opportunity to showcase their hard work on one of the most prestigious stages in Canada at the Flato Markham Theatre.

This show takes great pride in hosting high standard physiques and providing an unmatched competing experience to all athletes. Being a show of excellence, this show the most anticipated National Qualifier and is perfect for those looking to start their journey towards becoming an IFBB Pro.

If you want to be a part of one of the most historical CPA shows in Canada, look no further, you’ve found it!

About Fedel Clarke & Kaila Wright

IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke was born and raised in Jamaica until the age of 11 years old, when he and his family moved to Canada. His passion for weight lifting and bodybuilding started at a young age back home when he was first exposed to a bodybuilding image, and that passion continues to today.

During his childhood in Jamaica and even after immigrating to Canada at the age of 11, Fedel always had an athletic nature that stuck with him. With so many sporting teams accessible in Canada, he quickly became involved with the majority of them all throughout his elementary and high school years. However, one sport struck his heart above the rest, football. Fedel played this sport competitively and played at the highest level for many teams, including the Canadian Junior Football League.

Being an athlete at this level required Fedel to follow an intense weight-training regimen and this level of intensity in weight training resurrected his passion for bodybuilding. Fedel was successful in his bodybuilding competing career right from the start where he won first place and overall at his first three shows in the Men’s Heavyweight Bodybuilding division. Following that, Fedel competed at the National level for 6 years, where he placed top 3 in his class at every National show until he earned his IFBB Pro card in 2002. Becoming an IFBB Pro has allowed Fedel to compete on multiple pro stages from 2004-2015, where he left his footprint on the stage, completed alongside some the best today, meet new amazing people (including old school bodybuilding legends), create memorable experiences. Bodybuilding also intensified Fedel’s self discipline, determination, and his unmatched work ethic, which many can attest today.

Competing also allowed him to gain overall valuable experience and knowledge about the sport. His knowledge, plus his years of experience as a high level competitor, gave him the tools to provide the most comprehensive services to all CPA athletes. Having an extensive history with the organization and never failing to attend an event displayed Fedel's relentless commitment to the CPA where he became entrusted with the title of being a CPA regional judge, provincial judge, and a qualified critique. Simply put, being a judge was a fantastic experience for Fedel! It also elevated his skills by allowing him to have a better and holistic understanding of bodybuilding and the criteria for each division, from posing to ones physique to their overall stage presence.

In 2015, Fedel became the first OPA Ambassador (now sanctioned under the CPA), which allowed him to travel, meet, and interact with more athletes across Ontario, while he hosted CPA sanctioned posing seminars and workshops. With Fedel’s unwavering passion and dedication for helping others, he narrowed in his focus towards his coaching business, Posing With The Pro, where he provides unparalleled coaching services to athletes (Amateurs, Pros, and Olympians) and fitness celebrities worldwide and helps them reach their fitness goals, which is extremely rewarding for him! His extensive experiences, passion, work ethic and his dedication to the CPA enable him to provide comprehensive services and a level of excellence to all competitors in the organization.

Fedel says, "My posing business has allowed me to interact with athletes and the family and friends who came to support them and having the ability to smile, chat, and shake the hands of the people who help make and support this industry is priceless". Fedel also mentioned posing keeping him both productive and active and gives allows him to frequently visit CPA shows all over Canada, which helps him to perfect his craft and show his undying support for both his athletes and the CPA.

Fedel owns and promotes the IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke Classic, which is hosted in Markham Ontario and is the first show in CPA history. Recently, Fedel has partnered professionally with National CPA bikini athlete Kaila Wright in both his Posing With The Pro Business and in the promotion of his show the Fedel Clarke Classic.


Kaila Wright has been competing for almost 3 years and has competed in 5 shows, including 2 National shows and is on route to her third National show. Kaila has had successful placings in all of her shows and was awarded with the Spotlight award for best posing and best stage presentation on her first show.

Overall, both Fedel and Kaila share the same visions and that is to expand the businesses worldwide; to contribute to the overall growth of the CPA; and to help all fitness enthusiasts reach their fitness goals and help them to confidently tap into their full potential!

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