Myriam Capes welcomes you to the second edition of the MIMI CAPES CLASSIC. This championship will be an Open competition this year and sanctioned by the Canadian Physique Alliance. Remember that since the organizational changes announced in the fall of 2017, the Canadian Physique Alliance is now the only route for Canadian athletes who wish to one day become pro athletes of the IFBB Pro League.

Because we all started somewhere... It gives Mimi great pleasure to share her passion for sport with you all! Good preparation and best successes to everyone!

About Myriam Capes

Since childhood, Myriam Capes has always been passionate about sports, physical activity and discipline. She'd been a Gymnast since she could barely walk and a Fitness competitor since she was barely out of her teenage years. Myriam Capes rhymes with perseverance and dedication. The love and passion she holds for Fitness since 2002 have earned her the highest accolades in this discipline. After winning 3 consecutive titles at the Canadian Championship CBBF (Canadian BodyBuilding Federation), she earned her status as a professional athlete and consequently her pro card at only 22 years old, making her the youngest athlete in this discipline to accomplish such a feat. Myriam is currently ranked 3rd by the International Federation of BodyBuiding and Fitness (IFBB), the highest level of organization in this field that supervises international competitions.

After 17 years of competition, Myriam Capes took part at the Olympia in September 2017, for a 9th time after coming back from a shoulder dislocation in 2016 where she need it to pull out 5 weeks before . This participation at the most prestigious competition in BodyBuilding and Fitness has not only earned her a 2nd place, but also consecrated her the only Canadian to have ever ranked among the top 5 for more than 5 times in a row. with over 20 world titles undoubtedly make her an internationally renowned athlete in Fitness.

2017 was decisive year, a year that will prove that Myriam Capes, the athlete, is to be followed closely for many years to come.

Myriam Capes, the athlete, is the living proof that with discipline, hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Behind the fire shining in this top athlete's eyes and the passion that she wishes to share to the world, Myriam Capes, the woman behind the athlete, also rhymes with balance. She showed on multiple occasions, with her dedication and principles, that she endorsed and encouraged self-respect and integrity above all. The image of women that a discipline like Fitness conveys is crucial for Myriam, who promotes femininity and grace. Through her achievements, Myriam is the advocate of health, balance, confidence and self-love.

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