Date of Birth
Note: no one under the age of 18 is permitted to compete. Competitors ages 18 and 19 entered in any division must show proof of age.
Contact Information

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Early Bird Registration: Until Saturday August 17, 2024 - $150 per class
General Registration: Sunday August 18, 2024 to Wednesday September 25, 2024 - $200 per class
Online Registration Closes: Wednesday, September 25, 2024
 Natural Event
This is a natural event. All athletes will be required to sign a drug testing waiver at the on-site check-in. Athletes are advised that the use of any performance enhancing substances is prohibited.

Additional Purchases

Pre-judging, finals and awards, if any

Per division (pre-judging and finals)

Pre-judging routine, delivered within 24 hours

Pre-judging routine, delivered within 10-14 business days

All 3 videos (show video, cutom reel & judge critique)

All 3 videos + stage photos (a savings of $60!)

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