Muscleware is a 360° 'turn-key', multi-language desktop & cloud software solution, and is the official contest software of the National Physique Committee (NPC) and the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA). Muscleware was created, and continues to be developed in direct consultation with top organization executives.

In addition to numerous innovative features including data visualization tools, business intelligence and reporting, Muscleware has been written from the ground up to perfect:

Athlete Experience

In the business of bodybuilding competition, our commodity is people - competitors. It is in our best interest to provide the highest level of professionalism, organization and customer service to ensure the most organized, modern, positive experience for the athlete.

Speed & Accuracy

A fast-moving event is a successful event - but only when free of errors as well. Everyone from athletes, expeditors, MCs, judges, statisticians and DJs need the right information at the right time. Muscleware keeps events running like a well oiled machine.

Event Consistency

One of the many benefits of standardizing registration processes, check-ins, schedules, paperwork, lists, etc., is that a consistent experience can be provided for everyone. Expectations and standards are set, and changes can be applied globally, instantly.

Supported Payment Systems


The Muscleware system is used all over the world. Contact us to get your IFBB Pro League, NPC, NPC Worldwide or CPA event online today!










From small entry-level regional shows to major national and international IFBB Professional League pro-qualifying events, Muscleware provides all tools necessary to allow promoters to focus on what they are primarily concerned with... Promoting!

Muscleware been built to handle so many different customs, situations and scenarios - listing every single available option and setting would be overwhelming! For more details on specific configuration options, including custom data collection, add-on purchases and much more, contact us directly. Standard components include:

Registration System

Use your own website - Athletes register online and receive confirmation emails after successful payment, including links to review registration(s) and upload posing routine music where applicable

Ticket Sales

For venues that don't force promoters to use their box offices, Muscleware offers a low cost ticket sales solution. Unlimited number of ticket types, and a mobile QR code scanner app that your ticket staff can use from their own mobile phones

Payment Processing

All payments are processed securely online, and all funds go directly and immediately to the promoter. Muscleware records all of the transaction data and confirms the status of payments

The Promoter Portal

The Promoter has 24/7 access to a web interface to see all registrations and ticket sales. Helpful tools allow the promoter to see all of the category numbers, which can also be broken down into individual class counts

Statistician Tools

The Muscleware Statistician software is installed and run on the statisticians' laptop. It is pre-loaded with all online registation data, and runs in a completely offline state, allowing athletes and classes to be added, edited, and removed according to check-ins

Scoring & Reporting

Muscleware Statistician includes a score calculator and produces Athlete Lists, Scorecards, Crossover Reports, an innovative "MC Sheet" and more with the click of a button, respecting all changes / updates made to athlete data

Athlete Invitation Letters

International athletes may request Invitation Letters as supporting documentation for their application to enter your country. Muscleware saves the Promoter's time by generating custom signed printable invitation letters

Competitor Certificates

For shows outside of the USA (per NPC Worldwide requirements), Muscleware uses the final results of your event to generate the Competitor Certificates that qualified athletes need to compete at pro-qualifying events in the USA

Advertising Opportunities

Muscleware provides additional income for Promoters by offering an innovative facility for Event Sponsors to purchase advertising space in all confirmation emails sent to athletes.

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Go live with the ultimate 'turn-key' bodybuilding software solution. Muscleware was created, and continues to be developed in direct consultation with top NPC and CPA directors & executives, ensuring complete compliance with current promoter contracts. Get your event online today, and start promoting!

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