Open to all Canadian athletes, this natural regional championship, sanctioned by the CPA and the IFBB Pro League, is your last chance to qualify for the 2019 GNC / ALLMAX NATURAL CANADA PRO QUALIFIER to be held the following week in Toronto.

About Jean-Jacques Dugas

Coming from the artistic world, Jean-Jacques Dugas first devoted himself to organizing and promoting showbusiness events. He made his mark in the mid-90s by discovering and launching the careers of singer Kevin Parent and the group Okoumé. In the following years, he will lead Tacca Musique, a music channel by famed producer Donald K. Donald, and will be part of the Julie Snyder management team showcasing the first generation of artists in Star Académie.

In 2013, in order to support friends in preparation for a bodybuilding championship, he became involved for the first time as a volunteer in an APQ championship. It was enough for him to discover a new passion! His efforts with the APQ will last four beautiful years in which he will be mainly involved in supporting athletes and coaches at various regional, provincial and national championships.

In 2017, the bodybuilding and fitness world is shaken. As a result, the IFBB Pro League announces its withdrawal from IFBB International and creates its own amateur worldwide championships. After painful choices for athletes, coaches and promoters, also consulting with several athletes close to him, Jean-Jacques leaves the APQ and accepts, at the invitation of Myriam Mimi Capes and Samer Zébid, the challenge of becoming the Québec representative of a new association, the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA).

This July 27, Jean-Jacques invites you to his very first promoter event at a championship. One week prior to the 2019 GNC / ALLMAX NATURAL CANADA PRO QUALIFIER, the NATURAL CLASSIC POPEYE'S SUPPLEMENTS is a regional natural championship in Montreal that represents a final chance for all Canadians to qualify for the National Pro Qualifier Natural that will take place the following Saturday, August 2, in Toronto.

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